To you…

Here’s to all the women who have gone through hardship and heartache and still kept the faith. To all the women who ignored the haters, the gossip and the whispers and kept their eyes on Jesus. Here’s to the women who get their joy from the Lord and strength from His Word and who remember that His strength is made perfect in our weakness. To the women who cried themselves to sleep and found joy in the morning. To the women who persisted through trials and loved, even when it was hard to do. Here’s to the women who were told they were unloveable and wouldn’t amount to anything. Here’s to the women who did not allow the lies to win. To the women who have had something stolen from them and refused to allow it to define them.

To these women I say, God looks at you with adoration, purpose and worth. He says, “He will make your righteous reward shine like the dawn, your vindication like the noonday sun”-(Psalm 37:5-6). He wants you to keep your eyes fixed on Him and find rest in His arms. Sister, keep going…keep on pursuing Him. Pick up that Bible, pray and don’t give up! His Word is full of life-giving answers and His promises are sure. Claim His promises over your life and never let the past define you. He’s not taking you back, He’s moving you forward. God has so much in store for you!


Maneesha Grace


  1. Ruth says:

    My life psam is psalm 37!
    God is our Justice … I’m counting on it!

    1. So good to hear Ruth! Thanks for reading! Bless you sister!

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