Wherever we are in life, right where we are, God has a place setting for us at a table. If we put our trust in Him and understand that His ways are higher, it goes without saying, there’s a spot for you in His heart. In fact, it is RESERVED for you.

 God had you on His heart since the beginning of time. Talk about purpose and love! That’s all He wants from us, He wants our hearts. He reserved a spot in His heart for you! 💕That’s incredibly special. Even though we may feel out of place, out of sorts or out of whack, God knows. He understands the season and circumstance we’re in, and He loves for us to go to Him with our cares, worries, joys and sorrows. He understands, and He knows the beginning and the end.

 When we understand that our place is RESERVED by Almighty God, the label that has been placed on us by society is insignificant. It may not be a label we chose for ourselves, but the label society gives us, is not the label God has for us. God says we are righteous, holy, set apart and chosen. That means that no matter what this world throws at us, everyone who believes in Jesus is made whole.

God’s plan for our life is better than we could ever imagine. That seat is reserved for YOU! We need to remind ourselves of this, we have a DIVINE purpose apart from what has happened to us. God is not finished with us yet! He loves to use broken things and make them beautiful. In fact, God thinks we’re beautiful even in our most messy of times. Whatever place you’re in right now, you have been given a seat at the table. There’s an entire table reserved for you. Don’t underestimate the power of your place.

There may be people in our lives who try to remove our place setting, adjust our tables, or take away our seats, but nothing can interfere with God’s plan, nothing.

 So what are you waiting for? Take a seat! Will you trust that He reserved a spot for you because of what Jesus did for you and I? Enjoy the reservation and watch God serve you the most incredible and exciting life you could ever imagine!